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I have just used the Safari Charlie Cleaner Lubricant on a SR25 that had approximately 500 rounds since last cleaning.  The solvent did an excellent job of cutting through the carbon.  Better than the brake cleaner I also used as a comparison.   As far as a lube, it seems to work at least as well as the standard break free now issued to the military.  I find out once I fire the weapon again later in the week.
I will continue to use the Safari Charlie and report if anything changes my opinion, for better or worse.

We Left Name Out For Privacy
GS-11, Instructor/Writer
Special Forces Sniper Course
Safari Charlie works great as a carbon remover. It removes severely caked on carbon easily and without drying out the metal like caborator or break cleaners do. Safari Charlie does not have the toxic smell of other cleaners and leaves no residue when dry. Will continue to use this product as a parts cleaner for weapons  during Technical Inspections as it cleans the parts well enough to be inspected for very small blemishes. Other cleaners leave residue that can cover blemishes or hairline cracks.

We Left Name Out For Privacy
SGT        USA
Range 37
D 2/1 SWTG(A)
" Guys thanks for introducing me to Safari Charlie Gun Lube, on initial trial I have to admit is sure does smell a lot different from some of the other products that I have carried over the years in my shooting bag, at first I thought that it smelled a lot like some of the flavored cleaners that get used around my home and trust me it is not offensive in any way.

Safari Charlie Gun Lube does a great job of both cleaning and lubricating my Beretta, Browning, and Caesar Guerrini semi auto and over/under guns. Shooting a lot of rounds through the semi autos really makes you appreciate the fact that after the initial wipe down/cleaning at how smoothly the gun not only operated initially but just how long I could go without having to repeat the process. I had in the past normally cleaned the gun with Break Free I always had to lube the piston and various other moving parts in the semi autos to make them function reliably especially when shooting lighter sporting loads. I can't tell you how many times I would have the piston out of my gun soaking in solvent to loosen the buildup on it in hopes of not embarrassing myself at the course with an ill firing gun, this has been virtually eliminated with SCGL, and man does it make my guns shine.

When using BF I noticed that even on the wipe down it took a lot of rubbing to remove finger prints and even light buildup on the moving parts of the gun, not the case with Safari CHarlie Gun Lube. Even on my over/under where I would normally use a light grease on the parts of the gun (I call them friction areas)I can now just lightly spray those area with SCGL and forget the grease, now I just pull a bore snake through the barrels when I finish the round, run my rag across the barrels and put them back in the case and I am ready for my next shoot.

Shooting in Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia also makes you appreciate the fact that SCGL repels water, we have days in the Summer especially in the morning hours when the fog and humidity really take a toll on your guns, I can't tell you the times while out on the course when I would cringe at just having the condensation dripping out of the trees on some of my sporting guns that I now give very little thought too.

Thanks again for the intro, I have greatly reduced the items in my shooting bag along with almost eliminating the messy cleanup after the shoot, it gives me more time to get on the porch and start raging my fellow shooters. "

We Left Name Out For Privacy
EWP Specialist
PanelTek of North Florida
 Thank you, Charlie for sending your unique "all in one" gun cleaning and lubricating product. As promised, we began a demanding field test and immediately we were astonished with the results. Upon giving my staff the samples they disassembled, cleaned and lubed each gun. Unlike before, this time for both cleaning and lubricating they used the same product, Safari Charlie Gun Lube! Because it seemed most of the liquid disappeared and there was no oily residue, the staff questioned whether or not sufficient lubrication remained on the metal? The actions opened and closed very smoothly, so off to the fields went the guns, staff and clients.

To our amazement field jamming was almost non existent and when the guns were disassembled the internal working components were much cleaner than when previous solvents and lubes were applied. There was such a difference that we were able to eliminate our routine lunchtime cleaning. After 2000+ shot shells per day we meticulously inspected the internals of all guns each day and here's where we noticed BIG differences. We didn't find traditional gumming nor were there accumulations of dust, dirt, gun powder and or other foreign matter on metals in the working mechanisms even much less than we noticed at our lunchtime cleaning with our previously used solvents and lubricants. Cleaning and lubing was easier and could almost be done in ONE process!

When our shotguns were exposed to rain, water seemed to also repel from the lubricated metal. In fact we detected NO rusting at all. As you know clients often arrive here with their own dirty and sometimes even rusty guns. Before our clients take their own guns to the fields we now suggest first cleaning/ lubing their guns with Safari Charlie Gun Lube.

Safari Charlie Gun Lube Plus far exceeded our expectations and I will recommend it to everyone. "

 Floro in Argentina


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