Aquarium and Pond Plants

Black Elephant Ears
('Imperial Taro' Illustris)
Care Level: Easy
Light: Natural
Placement: Plant in partial sun or shade.
Propagation: Viviparous 
Maximum Height:  Up to 30"
Color Form: black-leaved with vibrant green veins 
Spacing: 12" apart
Also called Purple Elephant Ear and Imperial Taro. This leaf looks like a polished antique flea market treasure. The coloring of the leaves varies as the season progresses, and by Fall some of the leaves may be completely velvet-black. It is unclear why this plant is so productive, because after an established plant revives in the Spring, little offsets suddenly and unexplainably appear everywhere in your yard. 

Emerges in early June. This black-leaved elephant ear has vibrant green veins. Proliferates in moist soil but will also thrive in regular garden soil. Plant in light shade for deeper black coloring. Zones 7-10.

Due to variations within each species, your aquatic life may not look identical to the image provided.
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