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Stratos Digital
by Spidem

Digital technology and design together in a fully automatic espresso coffee machine that will surprise you for its simplicity. Spidem new automatic bean to cup machine is a dream come true. Using the latest technology the Stratos  makes bar quality espresso on the touch of a button. It is easy to clean and maintain and is ideal for a home, offices, receptions and board rooms. Finished in metallic silver.

The  Stratos espresso machine features a simple control panel with easy to use buttons and an easy to read digital display screen. Simply press one of the coffee brew buttons and it will automatically grind your coffee beans, fresh, and dispense freshly brewed, rich tasting espresso or cafe Americano into your cup. It allows you to choose the volume, strength, and temperature of your coffee by simply pressing buttons on the control panel.
The Stratos is our top of the line single boiler espresso machine with all the most asked for features. It features digital display for convenience, an electric cup heater shelf on top and a pre-ground chute for a 2nd coffee type - usually decaf - but can also be used for sampling new blends. The Stratos will advise you of every function of the machine including warm-up, ready to brew, when to add water or coffee beans, even when to clean, and if service is required through the 3-line LCD. As a full-featured superautomatic machine it is fast, reliable and user-friendly.

Main Features: 
The Stratos is pre-programmed at the factory and will work right out of the box. If desired, variables can be changed on most every function of the machine. It is possible to modify the brew water temperature, adjust the coffee dose anywhere from 6 to 9 grams, change pre-infusion time and adjust the volume of coffee dispensed. 3 coffee brew buttons are pre-programmed, but of course can be changed for individual needs. A typical setting might be a normal 1-1/2 oz. espresso, a longer espresso and thirdly, an 8 oz. mug of aromatic Cafe Americano. No more need for the drip coffee maker!
The metal cup warmer plate on top has a heater element built-in for keeping espresso cups near hot (160F). It may be switched off, if desired. The bypass doser chute can be used for adding ground decaf or sampling a new espresso blend. The conical burr grinder has 6 different grind setting for different espresso blends and an anti-gravel device to prevent damage from foreign objects in the espresso grounds.
The Panarello-frother device makes it easy to prepare thick, frothy milk without effort. Within 50 seconds the Stratos is ready to steam milk! After milk steaming, the machine will automatically return to coffee mode within 6 minutes. If you are in a rush, a 10 second purge of hot water will return the unit to coffee mode in 18 seconds in our bench tests. Hot Water for tea etc is available at the touch of a button. A handy built-in cycle counter keeps track of the number of coffees made. The machine may be left on all day, and an energy-saving feature keeps the machine ready to brew at a moments notice. In addition, a programmable timer can be set to turn the machine off anytime up to 12 hours after it was first turned on (a handy feature in an office setting, for example).

Maintenance: Keeping the  Stratos running smoothly is easy. The Stratos features the easy-to-remove (20 seconds) coffee brewing group (picture below). Quick-rinse the whole coffee-brew assembly in the sink about once a week or each time the bean hopper is filled. With the included brew group key the coffee screen can be easily removed periodically for a more thorough cleaning. In hard water areas the Stratos should be descaled on average every 3-4 months. The machine will indicate via the message display when descaling should be done! When first setting up the machine, test the water that you will be using with the included Water Hardness Strip. Program that number into the machine. This information then tells the machine when to advise you that descaling should be initiated. There are two descaling programs available; one automatic and one manual. The automatic cycle runs about 45 minutes.
With it's outstanding ease of use and numerous features, the  Stratos is a pleasure to use. For convenience and features, nothing tops the  Stratos.

  •  Boiler:Single Thermablock System 
  • Brew Group:Removable, User-cleanable, brew key tool included, Back pressure 3-way relief valve 
  • Pump:ULKA alternating piston pump, free flow thermal cutout, 8 - 9 ATM 
  • Grinder: Conical burr, 8 adjustment setting, anti-gravel protection plus bypass chute for decaf Coffee Grounds:into removable dregs container (30 shot capacity) 
  • Capacities:Water tank - 2.4 litres (about 40 espressos) removable, Bean Hopper - 300 grams (11 oz.), Coffee Dosage 6-9 grams, Bypass Doser - 6-9 grams 
  • Brew head clearance:Adjustable, Maximum clearance: 10 cms. (4 inches) 
  • Cup Capacity (brew volume):Programmable, 3 presets, 0-200 ml. (0-7 oz.), single or double 
  • Warmup times:2 minutes for coffee, additional 50 seconds for steam. 
  • Brewing times (approx.):Espresso 20 secs, Small Coffee 30 secs, Hot Water 60 secs/cup, Frothed milk 60-90 sec/cup 
  • Programmable Items:Languages (6), Auto Rinsing cycle, Water hardness, Cup heater, Water temperature, Pre-infusion, Pre-grinding, Coffee counter, Descaling cycle, Descaling Signal, Timer, Manual rinsing cycle 
  • LCD Screen Messages (partial list):Warming up, Select product, 1 (or 2) coffees brewing, Steam, Steam - warming up, Overtemperature, Hot water, Energy-saving mode, Water tank empty, Coffee beans empty, Dump box full, Door open, Descale machine, Machine is descaling, Rinsing 
  • Dimensions:390mm H x 395mm W x 410mm D (15.4" H x 15.6" W x 16.1" D) 
  • Weight:13 Kg. (28.6 Lbs.) 
  • Power:1250 Watts - 110/120 Volts 
  • Warranty:1 Year Warranty
  • Included Accessories:Coffee measure, Brew Key, Cleaning brush and Water hardness test strips. 
  • Made in Italy

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