The Super Star 1200 Collection is estimated to last an average family 12 to 24 months!
One Year Supply of Cal Ben Pure Soap Products
Super Star "1200"® Collection

1 - 25 Lb. Box (400 ounces) "Seafoam" Laundry Soap Powder.
1 - Gallon Jar (128 ounces ) "Seafoam" Laundry Soap Powder.
2 - Quarts (64 ounces) "Gold Star" Shampoo Concentrate.
36 - Bars Complexion Beauty "Pure Soap."
1 - Gallon (128 ounces) "Seafoam" Dish Glow Concentrate (or, 2-5 Lb. Boxes "Destain" Automatic Dish Granules & Scoop).
2 - Quarts (64 ounces) "Seafoam" Dish Glow Concentrate.
1 - Lock-top Squeeze Bottle "Dish Glow" Dispenser.
1 - Lock-top Squeeze Bottle "Shampoo" Dispenser.
1 - One ounce Laundry Soap Scoop.
1 - 6" X 9" Heavy Duty Pure Nylon Scouring Pad.
Complete Iinstructions - Data Information Bulletins Included.
(Packed for shipping in one large carton.)
Weight 65 Lbs.

Super Star "1200"® Collection



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