Aquarium and Pond Plants

Water Hyacinth
(Eichornia crassipes)
Care Level: Easy
Light: High
Placement: Floating
Tank Conditions: 70-80°F; pH 6.5-7.5 
Propagation: Stolons 
Maximum Spread:  Up to 1' 
Color Form: Purple Yellow 
Origin: Tropics 
Family: Pontederiaceae
Water Hyacinth bears leathery foliage creep across the surface of pond. The foliage helps to provide shade and the roots provide filtration, a spawning area for the pond fish, and absorb excess nutrients from the water, helping to reduce algae. It also is an excellent water clarifier. The delicate, purple flowers have a yellow "eye" on one petal, last approximately one day, but bloom throughout the season, and add a pleasing splash of color to the pond. The flowers grow on 6-inch stems at the center of a rosette of glossy bulb-like leaves. These leaves will gather air in pockets and keep the plant afloat. Reaches height of 6-12". 

Because the Water Hyacinth has a tropical nature, it will require heat and full sun to thrive and flower. Yellowish leaves are a sign of insufficient nutrients in the water; move plants with yellowing leaving to an alternate area and add plant food to their water, rotating with plants left in the pond. A vigorous reproducer, it can quickly take over the water garden. Remove excess plants to help prevent this from happening. Zones 9-11. 

Note: This is a seasonal plant and only ships from April 15th to September 30th. This plant will be available to order in March and will be deliverable in April.

***We cannot ship this product to Alabama,California, Florida or Texas.***
Due to variations within each species, your aquatic life may not look identical to the image provided.
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